Central Idea of Keeping Quiet

Central Idea of Keeping Quiet

Central Idea of Keeping Quiet

Give the central idea of the poem ‘Keeping Quiet’

Central Idea of the Poem – Keeping Quiet

The central idea of the poem ‘Keeping Quiet’ composed by Pablo Neruda is that –
In this poem, the poet suggests that he will count to twelve and everybody will keep still. He suggests that on the Earth, at our dwelling place, we should be silent and motionless for a few moments. He asks all the human beings to stop all worldly activities for some time and spend a few moments in quiet introspection. It will help us to understand ourselves. We are always in hurry. He says that stillness and silence will help man in creating a feeling of mutual understanding among human beings. That’s why the poet Pablo Neruda has discussed the need of maintaining peace and silence in the poem ‘Keeping Quiet’. 

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