Class 12 English Poetry – Central Idea of the poem “Character of a happy life”

Class 12
  English Poetry 
    Central Idea of the poem 


Character of a happy life

Central Idea of the poem ‘Character of  happy life’ written by Sir Henry Wotton is that –
In this poem the poet describes the qualities of a really happy man. A happy man is honest and truthful.He is the master of his passions. He is not afraid of death. He does not care for the love of the prince or the criticism of the common people. He is free from rumours. He depends upon the voice of his conscience. He does not care for false flattery. He is not jealous of anyone’s progress. He is God fearing man and remembers Him day and night. He posses his time in the company of a good book or a good friend. He does not care for rise or fall in life.  He is rich in heart and lord of himself.

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