Homophones (समान ध्वनि वाले शब्द)


-: Homophones (एक समान ध्वनि वाले शब्द) :-

1.  Access  (पहुंच)  :  Ravi has an access to the D. M. 
     Excess  (अधिकता)  :  Excess of everything is bad. 

2.  Affect  (प्रभाव डालना) : The heavy rains will affect the crops. 
     Effect  (प्रभाव) : No advice produces any effect on him. 

3.  Adapt  (अनुकूल बनाना) :  We should adapt ourselves to the changing conditions. 
     Adept   (चतुर) :  He is adept in drawing.

4. Altar (वेदी) : Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life at the altar of motherland.
      Alter (बदलना) : You should alter your way of speaking.

5. Berth (रेलगाड़ी या जहाज में सोने का स्थान) : He reserved a first class berth in the Punjab Mail.
     Birth (जन्म) : What is your date of birth?

6. Bale (गांठ) : He received two bales of cotton.
      Bail (जमानत) : He was released on bail.

7. Canvas (किरमिच) :  These shoes are made of canvas. 
    Canvass (वोट मांगना) :  He is canvassing for the Congress  candidate.

8. Carrier (माल ढोनेे वाला) : We use a carrier in our bicycles to carry our luggage.
    Career (जीवन) : We should study deeply for a good career.

9. Council (परिषद) : My brother is a member of a council.
    Counsel (सलाह) : He gave me good counsel.

10. Check (रोकना) : He could not check his friend from smoking.
    Cheque (बैंक का चेक) : Please give me a cheque of six hundred rupees.

11. Confidant (विश्वासपात्र) : Nehru was a confidant of Gandhiji.
    Confident (विश्वस्त) : He is confident of his success.

12. Defy (चुनौती देना) : I will defy your order in the court.
    Deify (देवता समान बनाना) : We deify our great men and worship them.

13. Eligible (चुना जाने योग्य) : He is eligible for the post.
    Illegible (अपठनीय) : His writing is illegible.

14.  Gate  (फाटक)  :  Open the gate before you enter.
         Gait  (चाल)     :   She was moving towards the stage with a fine gait.

15. Hoard (जमा करना) : He hoards a lot of money.
    Horde (झुंड) : Hordes of invaders came to India.

16. Human (मानव) : We should be kind to all human beings.
    Humane (दयालु) : He is humane towards his servant.

17. Jealous (ईष्यालु) : He is jealous of my progress.
    Zealous (उत्साही) : The zealous workers finished their work in no time.

18. Lose (खोना) : We should not lose this chance.
    Loose (ढीला) : In summer one should wear loose clothes.

19. Pray (प्रार्थना करना) : We must pray to God.
    Prey (शिकार) : He fell a prey to cholera.

20. Soar (उड़ना) : The bird is soaring high.
    Sour (खट्टा) : These grapes are sour.

21. Stationary (स्थिर) : The sun is stationary.
    Stationery (लेखन सामग्री) : He deals in stationery.

22. Soul (आत्मा) : Soul is immortal.
    Sole (जूते का तला) : He got the sole of his shoe repaired.

23. Story (कहानी) : She told me a story.
    Storey (मंजिल) : His office is in the second storey.

24. Urban (शहरी) : It is an urban area.
    Urbane (सभ्य) : He is urbane in his manners.

25. Amiable (मधुर) : She has amiable nature.
    Amicable (मैत्रीपूर्ण) : India and Pakistan should settle their differences in an amicable way.

26. Casual (आकस्मिक) : He has applied for casual leave.
    Causal (कारण संबंधी) : There is casual relation between food and health.

27. Cite (उदाहरण देना) : Can you cite a few lines from Wordsworth.
    Site (स्थान) : This site is suitable for my new office.

28. Considerable (काफी) : I have spent a considerable amount of money upon marriage clothes.
    Considerate (विचारवान) : The new officer is a considerate man.

29. Childish (मूर्खतापूर्ण) : Although he is grown up, his habits are childish.
Child-like (भोला भाला) : His child-like simplicity pleases everyone.

30. Draught (घूँट) : He drank all the water in one draught.
Drought (सूखा) : Drought destroyed the crops last year.

31. Dual (दोहरा) : We should not adopt dual policy.
Duel (द्वंद्व युद्ध) : Sohrab was killed in a duel.

32. Deference (आदर) : The young suit suit difference for the elders.
Difference (अंतर) : There is a great difference in the nature of two brothers.

33. Industrial (औद्योगिक) : Kanpur is an industrial city.
Industrious (परिश्रमी) : Suresh is an industrious boy.

34. Temporary (अस्थायी) : He was given a temporary appointment for 6 months.
Temporal (सांसारिक) : A king has only temporal authority.

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