Interchange of Degrees of Comparison

-: Exercise :-
Transform the following sentences by changing the Degree of comparison as directed in the brackets :
1. No other book is as popular among the Hindus as the Ramayan. (Comparative)
Comparative – The Ramayan is more popular than any other book among the Hindus.
2. Iron is more useful than any other metal. (Superlative)
Superlative – Iron is the most useful metal.
3. Very few countries are as advanced as England. (Comparative)
Comparative – England is more advanced than many other countries.
4. He is one of the best boys in his class.  (Positive)
Positive – Very few boys in his class are as good as he.
5. Tulsidas was one of the greatest poets. (Positive)
Positive – Very few poets were as great as Tulsidas.
6. Honesty is the best policy. (Comparative)
Comparative – Honesty is better than any other policy.
7. Mumbai is one of the best seaport in India. (Positive)
Positive – Very few seaports in India are as good as Mumbai.
8. Mohan is fatter than any other boy.  (Superlative)
Superlative – Mohan is the fattest boy.
9. Very few countries are as hot as Africa. (Superlative)
Superlative – Africa is one of the hottest countries.
10. Rice is not more nutritious than some there grains. (Positive)
Positive – Rice is as nutritious as other grains.
11. Bihar is hotter than Assam. (Positive)
Positive –  Assam is not so hot as Bihar.
12. India is one of the poorest countries in the world. (Positive)
Positive – Very few countries are as poor as India in the world .
13. Kanpur is the biggest city in UP. (Positive)
Positive – No other city is as big as Kanpur in UP.
14. Zaheer Khan bowls faster than any other bowler in the team. (Positive)
Positive – No other bowler bowls as fast as Zaheer Khan in the team.
15. Rockets can fly faster than aeroplanes. (Positive)
Positive – Aeroplanes can not fly so fast as rockets.

16. Football is one of the most popular games. (Positive)

Positive – Very few games are as popular as Football.

17. Tagore is the greatest Bengali poet.  (Positive)

Positive – No other Bengali poet is as great as Tagore.

18. Her brother is not so intelligent as she. (Comparative)

Comparative – She is more intelligent than her brother.

19. Milk is more nourishing than any other food. (Positive)

Positive – No other food is as nourishing as Milk.

20. Hari is one of the best students of this school. (Positive)

Positive – Very few students of this school are as good as Hari.

21. Death is the most horrible thing for a crowd. (Positive)

Positive – No other thing is as horrible as death for a crowd.

22. Ashoka was one of the greatest rulers. (Positive)

Positive – Very few rulers were as great as Ashoka.

23. No other building is as grand as the Taj.  (Comparative)

Comparative – The Taj is grander than any other building .

24. Mumbai is the best seaport in India. (Comparative )

Comparative – Mumbai is better than any other seaport in India.

25. Very few cities in India are as big as Mumbai. (Comparative)

Comparative – Mumbai is bigger than many other cities in India .

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