MCQs or Fill in the blank Questions of Deep Water

MCQs or Fill in the blank Questions of Deep Water

MCQs or Fill in the blank Questions of Deep Water

Language Study :-

Choose the most appropriate word or phrase that best completes the sentence from the given alternatives:

1. There was a pool at the ….. in Yakima that offered exactly the opportunity.
(i) Y.M.C.A. (ii) Y.C.M.A.
(ii) Y.A.M.C. (iv) Y.A.C.M.

2. From the beginning, Douglas had an …… to the water..
(i) intensity (ii) aversion
(iii) intimacy (iv) None

3. The water was still, and the tiled bottom was as white and clean as a …….
(i) snow (ii) bathroom
(iii) floor (iv) bathtub

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4. It seemed a long way down and those nine feet were more like …..
(i) ninety (ii) nineteen
(iii) ninety-nine (iv) None

5. Inside the pool, the narrator screamed, but only the …… heard him.
(i) mother (ii) coach
(iii) father (iv) water

6. Only his heart, and the pounding in his head, said that he was still ……
(i) unconscious (ii) alive
(iii) dead (iv) conscious

Short Answer Type Questions of Deep Water

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7. He started down a ….. time and sucked for air and got water.

(i) third (ii) second
(iii) last (iv) first

8. A few years later when he came to know the waters of the …… he wanted to get into them.
(i) waterfalls (ii) rain
(iii) pool (iv) cascades

9. On ……. October, he decided to get an instructor and learn to swim.
(i) three (ii) one
(iii) two (iv) nineteen

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10. In ….. he said, “Now you can swim. Dive off and swim the length of the pool, crawl stroke.”
(i) August (ii) July
(iii) March (iv) April

11. When Douglas was in the middle of the lake, he put his face under and saw nothing but ……. water.
(i) limitless (ii) bottomless
(iii) deep (iv) unlimited

One Question for you :-

12. Roosevelt said, “All we have to fear is …. itself.
(i) fear (ii) death
(iii) water (iv) lake

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