Synthesis of Sentences – Exercise of Adverb or Adverbial Phrase

-: Exercise :-
Combine each of the following sets of Simple Sentences into a Simple Sentence by using an Adverb or Adverbial Phrase :
1. The rose has thorns. It is certain.
combined – The rose has thorns certainly.
combined – Certainly, the rose had thorns.
2. Great people serve their country. Their service is selfless.
combined – Great people serve their country selflessly.
3. He was at fault. There is no doubt in it.
combined – He was at fault undoubtedly.
4. He went to market. He was in a hurry.
combined – He went to market in a hurry.
combined – He went to market hurriedly.
5. I shall return by the morning. I am definite about it.
combined – Definitely, I shall return by the morning.
combined – I shall return by the morning definitely.
6. I thanked him. I did it with all my heart.
combined – I thanked him with all my heart.
combined – I thanked him heartedly.
7. The river was flowing. It’s flow was slow.
combined – The river was flowing slowly.
8. He did it. He did it with a great success.
combined – He did it with a great success.
combined – He did it successfully.
9. He spent all his money.  This was foolish.
combined – He spent all his money foolishly.
10. She will pass the examination. It is certain.
combined – She will pass the examination certainly.
Certainly, she will pass the examination .
11. The leader spoke. He spoke for ages minutes.
combined – The leader spoke for a minute.
12. He met with an accident. He was fortunate to escape unhurt.
Combined – Fortunately, he escaped the accident without hurt.
13. They refused to listen my proposal. Their refusal was firm.
Combined – They refused my proposal firmly.
14. This train runs. It’s speed is very fast.
Combined – This train runs very fastly.
15. He kicked the player. It was his intention to do so.
Combined – He kicked the player intentionally.

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