Synthesis of sentences – Exercise of Compound Sentence

-: Exercise :-
Combine each of the following sets of Simple Sentences into one Compound Sentence :
1. I am going to  Delhi. I will stay there for a week.
Compound – I am going to Delhi and I will stay there for a week.
2. Make haste. You will be late.
Compound – Make haste otherwise you will be late.
3. Hate begets hate. Love begets love.
Compound – Hate begets hate but love begets love.
Hate begets hate and love begets love.
4. Professor Gupta was late. He missed the train.
Compound – Professor Gupta was late so he missed the train.
5. He was wrong. He was punished.
Compound – He was wrong so he was punished.
6. It was stormy night. He ventured out.
Compound – It was a stormy night yet he ventured out.
7. He drew his sword. He rushed upon the enemy.
Compound –  He drew his sword and rushed upon the enemy.
8. Good boys work. Bad boys make mischief.
Compound – Good boys work but bad boys make mischief.
9. The speaker was very nervous. He,  therefore, could not speak.
Compound – The speaker was very nervous so he could not speak.
The speaker could not speak for he was very nervous.
10. He is the son of a mathematician. He is very sharp minded boy.
Compound – He is the son of a
mathematician so he is very sharp minded boy.
He is very sharp minded boy for he is the son of a mathematician.
11. He is lazy. He scored good marks.
Compound – He is lazy yet he score good marks.
12. The girl played volleyball. The boys did not play.
Compound – The girls played volleyball but the boys did not play.

13. If you lead, I shall follow.
Compound – Lead me and I shall follow you.

14. On account of illness, I could not go to school.
Compound – I was ill so I could not go to school.

15. Come with me. Stay at home.
Compound – Come with me or stay at home.

16. He is innocent. He should be treated as such.
Compound – He is innocent so he should be treated as such.

17. Ram is wise.  Ram is gentle.
Compound – Ram is wise and he is gentle.

18. He is intelligent. He is not proud.
Compound – He is intelligent yet he is not proud.

19. He grew very weak. He didn’t break the fast.
Compound – He grew very weak but he didn’t break the fast.

20. I met Mohan. He was a lecturer.
Compound – I met Mohan who was a lecturer.
I met Mohan and he is a lecturer.

21. The Rajputs were victorious. They were brave.
Compound – The Rajputs were brave so they were victorious.

22. I visited Delhi. It is the capital of India.
Compound – I visited Delhi which is the capital of India.
I visited Delhi and it is the capital of India.

23. He is rich. He is not contented.
Compound – He is rich yet he is not contented.

24. I tried my best. I could not succeed.
Compound – I tried my best yet/but I could not succeed.

25. Speak the truth. You will be respected by all.
Compound – Speak the truth and you will be respected by all.
Speak the truth otherwise you will be not respected by all.

26. Give me your money bag. You will be shot dead.
Compound – Give me your money bag otherwise you will be shot dead.

27. God is merciful. He feeds even the helpless.
Compound – God is merciful so he feeds even the helpless.

28. Everything decays. Books survive.
Compound – Everything decays but/while/yet books survive.

29. That animal may be a fish. It may be a serpent. It must be one of them.
Compound – That animal may be a fish or a serpent.

30. The brave face the challenges. Cowards flee.
Compound – The brave face the challenges while cowards flee.

31. Seth Govind Das is rich. He is a miser.
Compound – Seth Govind Das is rich yet he is miser.

32. He saw the boy in the street. He stopped to speak to him. He gave him a book.

Compound –  He saw the boy in the street so he stopped to speak to him and gave him a book .

33. Rahim is intelligent . He is careless. His success is doubtful.
Compound – Rahim is intelligent but careless so his success is doubtful.

34. I did not go to Delhi. My brother did not go.
Compound – Neither I nor my brother went to Delhi.

35. I invited her to the party. She did not come.
Compound – I invited her to the party but she did not come.


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