The Light Of Asia

The Light Of Asia

The Light Of Asia

Important Question Answer of ‘The Light Of Asia’

Qu. 1 What were the seven visions that king Suddhodhan in his dream ?

Ans. The king Suddhodhan saw seven following visions in his dream :

  1. A flag – In the first vision the king saw a flag. It was broad and glorious. A golden sun which was the mark of Indra, was shining on it. A strong wind tore the flag and threw it into dust. A crowd of people came and took away the spoiled flag towards the east.
  2. Ten elephants – In the second vision the king saw ten elephants. They had silver tusks. They were coming on the southern road. The prince was sitting on the foremost elephant.
  3. A chariot – In the third vision the king saw a chariot. Four horses were drawing it. Prince Siddhartha was sitting in that chariot .
  4. A wheel – In the fourth vision the king saw a wheel. It was moving very fast. its central part was made of gold.
  5. A large drum – In the fifth the vision the king saw a very large drum. It was placed between the city and the hills. The Prince was beating it with an iron rod.
  6. A tall tower – In the sixth vision the king saw a tall tower. The prince stood on its top. He was throwing bright gems with both hands in every direction. People from all over the world came to pick them up.
  7. Six men – In the seventh vision the king saw six men. They were weeping bitterly.

Qu. 2 Write in your own words the interpretation of the seven visions As given by the hermit ?

Ans. The hermit said that the seven visions of the king’s dream were not fears but seven joys. He explained the seven visions in the following way :

1. The first vision of the flag showed that the old faiths would come to an end and a new faith would begin.

2. The ten huge elephants of the second vision were the ten great gifts of wisdom.

3. The four horses of the chariot if the third vision stood for four fearless virtues.

4. In the fouth vision the king saw a wheel. The hermit said that the wheel was the wheel of the perfect law.

5. In the fifth vision the king saw a drum. It was being beaten by the prince. It meant that the voice of the prince would rise like the sound of the drum.

6. The tall tower of the sixth vision stood for the spreading of the principles of the Buddha.

7. In the seventh vision there were six men weeping with their shut mouths. The hermit said that the six men were six chief teachers.

Thus the hermit explained the hidden meanings of the seven visions of the king’s dream.

Qu. 3 Describe the city of Kapilvastu as it looked like on the prince’s first visit .

Ans. One day Prince Siddhartha wished to go out of the palace and see the the city of Kapilvastu. When the king came to know of the prince’s desire, he ordered that the city of Kapilvastu should look gay and happy for the prince’s first visit. Only beautiful things should come before the prince. The ugly and painful scenes should be removed. So the city of Kapilvastu was beautifully decorated :

Streets : The streets covered with stones were swept. They were spinkled with water. They looked very fine.

Houses : The houses were beautifully decorated. The house wives spread fresh red powder on the doors.

Roads : Flags were hung on the trees. On the crossing of the roads there were altars made of leaves.

People : The people were full of joy. They were wearing bright clothes. They were laughing. They threw garlands into the chariot. It looked as if they were enjoying life to the full. All of them were crying, “Jai ! Jai ! for our noble Prince !”

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