A Fellow Traveller – Fill in the blank questions

Important Fill in the Blank Questions of A Fellow Traveller

Important Fill in the Blank Questions of A Fellow Traveller

Important Fill in the Blank Questions of the lesson ‘ A Fellow Traveller

3. Fill in the following sentences, with the most suitable word given within the brackets :

(a) The train by which A. G. Gardiner travelled stopped at …….. stations.

(i) big (ii) suburban
(iii) small (iv) road side

(b) There is a pleasant sense of freedom …….. being alone in the carriage that is jolting noisily through the night.

(i) of (ii) over
(iii) for (iv) about

(c) Magnanimity has its …….. .

(i) end (ii) limits
(iii) no end (iv) uses

(d) You are a vagrant, you are a public …….., you are traveling without ticket.

(i) Servant (ii) man
(iii) individual (iv) nuisance

(e) Magnanimity and mercy were the noblest …….. of man.

(i) qualities (ii) characteristics
(iii) traits (iv) attributes

(f) I can’t kill you but I can …….. you.

(i) reprieve (ii) forgive
(iii) punish (iv) condemn

(g) As I closed the door of the compartment, I saw my …….. fluttering round the lamp.

(i) mosquito (ii) brother
(iii) friend (iv) fellow traveller

(h) I do not know which of us got into the …….. first.

(i) carriage (ii) courage
(iii) cartridge (iv) cottage

(i) I flicked him ……… my nose.

(i) off (ii) at
(iii) of (iv) through

(j) I condemn you to death. Justice demands it and the court …….. it.

(i) declares (ii) decides
(iii) awards (iv) directs

(k) You can open the window or shut it without …….. a protest.

(i) provoking (ii) calling
(iii) picking (iv) getting

(l) I can not go …….. far as that in Christian charity and civility.

(i) as (ii) to
(iii) too (iv) so

(m) I began to enter into the …….. of the fellow.

(i) mind (ii) ear
(iii) mouth (iv) spirit

(n) I struck a swift, …….. blow with my right hand.

(i) gentle (ii) lethal
(iii) big (iv) normal

-: One Question for You :-

(o) He played …….. me openly.

(i) for (ii) with
(iii) in (iv) by

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