Transformation of Sentences – Interchange of Active and Passive Voices

Interchange of Active and Passive Voices
-: Exercise :-
Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice :
1. The children sang the National Anthem.
Passive –  The National Anthem was sung by the children. 
2. He may send his servant if he does not not come. 
Passive – In case he does not come, his servant may be sent by him. 
3. He stole my pen. 
Passive – My pen was stolen by him. 
4. He kills a bird.
Passive – A bird is killed by him. 
5. The woodcutter has cut down these trees. 
Passive – These trees have been cut down by the woodcutter. 
6. He gave me some money. 
Passive – Some money was given by him. 
7. She can break it. 
Passive – It can be broken by her. 
8. I have taken food. 
Passive – Food has been taken by me. 
9. He writes a letter. 
Passive – A letter is written by him. 
10. The carpenter did not make this chair. 
Passive – This chair was not made by the carpenter. 
11. We could not finish it. 
Passive – It could not be finished by us. 
12. Someone left the pen in a classroom yesterday .
Passive – The pen was left in a classroom yesterday .
13. We must look into this matter. 
Passive – This matter must be looked into by us. 
14. The flood hit the villagers hard. 
Passive – The villagers were hit hard by the flood. 
15. Your behavior has greatly surprised me. 
Passive – I was greatly surprised at your behavior .
16. It is time to close the shop. 
Passive – It is time for the shop to be closed. 
17. He teaches us English. 
Passive – English is taught us by him. 
18. Students are doing a lot of work. 
Passive – A lot of work is being done by students.
19. They are doing their work. 
Passive – Their work is being done by them. 
20. The police had caught the thief. 
Passive – The thief had been caught by the police .
21. I found the boys laughing at me. 
Passive – The boys were found laughing at me by me. 
22. The book has greatly interested me. 
Passive – I have been greatly interested in the book. 
23. They found him guilty of murder. 
Passive – He was found guilty of murder by them. 
24. We will not admit children under sixteen. 
Passive – Children under sixteen will not be admitted by us. 
25. I can’t write a letter now. 
Passive – A letter can not be written by me now. 
26. Mr. Khan taught me to read Persian. 
Passive – I was taught to read Persian by Mr. Khan. 
27. All his friends laughed at him
Passive – He was laughed at by all his friends.
28. The sincerity you have shown in your studies has pleased me. 
Passive – I have been pleased with the sincerity you have shown in your studies. 
29. Great men accomplish great things. 
Passive – Great things are accomplished by great men. 
30. We planted two thousand trees in our college last year. 
Passive – Two thousands trees were planted in our college last year by us. 
31. Who broke the window. 
Passive – By whom was the window broken?
32. Why did you kill it?
Passive – Why was it killed by you?
33. Why did you not finish your work? 
Passive – Why was your work not finished by you? 
34. What does he do there?
Passive – What is done there by him. 
35. Who broke this chair? 
Passive – By whom was this chair broken? 
-: Exercise :-
Change the following sentences from the Passive to the Active :
1. Coffee is liked by Sarla. 
Active – Sarla likes coffee. 
2. It was done by me. 
Active – I did it. 
3. The roads are being repaired by them. 
Active – They are repairing the roads. 
4. He will be rewarded. 
Active – Someone will reward him. 
5. The child has been bitten by a snake. 
Active – A snake has bitten the child. 
6. I was given a book by my mother.
Active – My mother gave me a book. 
7. Was he punished?
Active – Did someone punish him? 
8. Is Mohan taught by you?
Active – Do you teach Mohan?
9. Where was it lost? 
Active – Where did someone lose it? 
10. Is the cow milked by her? 
Active – Does she milk the cow? 
-: Exercise :-
Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice :
1. Drink milk everyday. 
Passive – Let the milk be drunk everyday. 
The milk should be drunk everyday. 
2. Do your homework. 
Passive – Let your homework be done. 
3. Don’t tease him. 
Passive – Let him not be teased.
4. Please keep to the left. 
Passive – You are requested to keep to the left. 
5. Please help the needy. 
Passive – You are requested to help the needy.
6. Keep to the left. 
Passive  – You are advised to keep to the left. 


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