Direct and Indirect Narration – Assertive Sentence

Direct and Indirect Narration – Assertive Sentence

Direct and Indirect Narration - Assertive Sentence

-: Exercise :-

केवल Board Exam में पूछे गए Direct Narration के Questions का solution कराया गया हैं

Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech :

1. Direct – Jesus Christ said, “We are all sinners.”
Indirect – Jesus Christ said that we are all sinners.

2. Direct – The captain said, “If the rain stops, the match will be played.”
Indirect – The captain hoped that if the rain stopped, the match would be played.

3. Direct –  My teacher said, “Honesty is the best policy.”
Indirect – My teacher said that honesty is the best policy.

4. Direct – Galiliio said, “The earth moves round the sun.”
Indirect – Galillio said that the earth moves round the sun.

5. Direct – He says, “The child is crying.”
Indirect –
He says that the child is crying.

6. Direct – She said, “He must respect his parents.”
Indirect –
She said that he must respect his parents.

7. Direct – He said, “The man was coming.”
Indirect –
He said that the man had been coming.

8. Direct – He said, “I will come here.”
Indirect –
He said that he would go there.

9. Direct – He said, “You are a student.”
Indirect –
He said that I was a student.

10. Direct – He said to me yesterday, “I will return your book tomorrow.”
Indirect –
He told me yesterday that he would return my book the following day. Or He promised me the previous day that he would return my bookbthe next day.

11. Direct – Gita said, “My father served in Delhi before retirement.”
Indirect –
Gita said that her father had served in Delhi before retirement.

12. Direct – The teacher said, “My students were playing hockey before sun-set.”
Indirect –
The teacher said that his students had been playing hockey before sun-set.

13. Direct – “They did not treat me fairly”, I said.
Indirect –
I said that they had not treated me fairly.

14. Direct – “I will have only a cup of tea”, my teacher said, “Because I am indisposed.”
Indirect –
My teacher wished that he would have only a cup of tea because he was indisposed.

15. Direct – Sheela said, “I have lost my watch.”
Indirect –
Sheela said that she had lost her watch.

16. Direct – He said, “Man is mortal.”
Indirect –
He said that man is mortal.

17. Direct – He said, “This is my book.”
Indirect –
He said that this was his book. Or He said that that was his book.

18. Direct – She said to her parents yesterday, “I do not like Physics.”
Indirect –
She told her parents yesterday that she did not like Physics.

19. Direct – She said, “I like my house.”
Indirect –
She said that she liked her house.

20. Direct – My teacher often says to me, “If you do not work hard, you will fail.”
Indirect –
My teacher often tells me that if I do not work hard, I shall fail.

21. Direct – Pandit Nehru said to the people, “Patriotic fellowmen ! I am a dutiful son of Mother India.”
Indirect –
Addressing the people as patriotic fellowmen, Pandit Nehru said that he was a dutiful son of the Mother India.

22. Direct – “Rest assured, I will pay you back very soon,”she said to her friend.
Indirect –
She assured her friend that she would pay back very soon.

23. Direct – Manindra said, “No, I do not know his name.”
Indirect –
Mahindra denied saying that he did not know his name.

24. Direct – He said, “This is what these statesman are doing now.”
Indirect –
He said that that was what those statesman were doing then.

25. Direct – The preacher said to the devotees, ” Indian culture is rich and sober and you may spread its message throughout the world.”
Indirect –
The preacher told the devotees that Indian culture was rich and sober and he asked them to spread its message throughout the world.

26. Direct – The teacher said to Ram, ” I am glad that you have obtained first divison marks.”
Indirect –
The teacher told Ram that he was glad that he (Ram) had obtained first divison marks.

27. Direct – The director of the Military Academy said to the cadets, “Future sentinels of mother India, the country reposes great hope in you.”
Indirect –
Addressing the cadets as future sentinels of mother India, the Director of the Military Academy said that the country reposed great hope in them.

28. Direct – The teacher said to Sohan, “You come to the class late every day. Stand up on the bench,” Sohan said, “I am sorry, sir, I shall be punctual henceforth.”
Indirect –
The teacher told Sohan that he he came to the class late every day and ordered him to stand up on the bench. Sohan respectfully said that he was sorry and he would be punctual henceforth.

29. Direct – “A book can be used for anything,” replied the friend, “When I do not want to give it to anyone.”
Indirect –
The friend replied that a book could be used for anything when he did not want to give it to anyone.

30. Direct – The student replied, ” My mother is ill and there is none to look after her. My father has gone to Varanasi and will return after a week.
Indirect –
The student replied that his mother was ill and there was none to look after her. His father had gone to Varanasi and would return after a week.

-: One question for you :-

Qu. Direct – Arun said, “I will arise and go to my father.”
Indirect –

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