Essay on Pollution

Essay on Pollution

Essay on Pollution

-: Essay on pollution :-

  1. Introduction 2. Kinds of Pollution 3. How to check Pollution 4. Conclusion.

Pollution has become a serious problem. It has threatened the whole world. If It is not checked now, our coming generation will suffer more from its harmful effects. The further generation will not forgive us for it. Developed countries try to solve the problem. But, India has not paid sufficient attention to it. The people of the developed nations are conscious about it. But we, in India are careless. Our coming generation will abuse us for our carelessness.

There are several kinds of pollution. Some of them are water pollution, food pollution, noise pollution and air pollution. Our greediness is the root cause of all these kinds of pollution. We want to get more and more money at any cost. Unbalanced industrial growth polluted air and water. Forests purify air. But they are being cut to establish new cities and industries.

The pollution of water and air badly affect our health. We breathe polluted air. We eat polluted food. In absence of fresh air, water and food we cannot lead a healthy life. If the pollution is not checked the existence of life on earth will be in danger very soon.

The sound pollution is increasing day by day. Vehicles produce noises all the time. On different occasions, in the name of worship, loudspeakers produce noises. All these noises cause tension, mental disorder, blood pressure and several other diseases.

So, if we want to protect the existence of life on the earth. We must protect the environment. Trees should not be cut recklessly. Cities and industries should be established in planned way.

Chemicals should be used carefully. Vehicle should be used reasonabl. Plants and trees should be planted. Deforestation must be stopped. Fresh water should be used in irrigation. Only pure water, air and food will give us healthy life.

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