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[UP Board Exam, 2019]

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It is only under circumstances of adversity that the real man is discovered. A man of character of noble intentions, strong and sturdy physique, virtues of selfless service to other, proves his worth even in times of adversity. He makes the events turn with strong will and determination. If he has a will to do a thing, nothing can stand in his way. He can conquer all obstacles to achieve his mission since his objective is noble and worthy. In the day of prosperity and pleasure, we sleep and enjoy and known not what we are. But in adversity, the inner man wakes up and we come to know our real strength and weakness.

Questions –

(a) When is the real man discovered?

(b) What qualities of a man prove his worth in times of adversity?

(c) When do we know our real strength and weakness?

Answers –

(a) The real man is discovered in times of adversity.

(b) In times of adversity, the qualities of a real man which prove his worth are his strong will and determination.

(c) We get to know our real strength and weaknesses in times of adversity.

[UP Board Exam 2019]

-: Passage :-

Books are the best friends that a man has. They insert strong influence in moulding one’s thoughts and ideas, hops and desires, inclinations and aspirations, through all future times. The companionship of books is the best companionship and like all friendships grows sweeter and sweeter with the passage of time. It contributes to the happiness of man and removes the sorrows that fall to the lot of all human beings. We can always turn to books for solace and comfort when life appears to be dull and dreary, when death of a beloved person makes one lose the relish of life or when illness or poverty brings disappointment and dejection.

Questions –

(a) What are the best friends of a man?

(b) Where can we get solace and comfort in disappointment?

(c) (i) Explain the italicized words. (ii) Write synonyms suitable title to the passage.

Answers –

(a) The best friends of a man are books.

(b) We can get solace and comfort in disappointment only in the company of books.

(c) (i) The italicized words mean, “love or craze for life.” (ii) Books – Our True Friends.

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