Important Phrasal Verbs

Important Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs :-

जब Verbs के पश्चात विभिन्न Prepositions लगा दिए जाते हैं तब उनका अर्थ बदल जाता है ऐसे Verbs को Phrasal Verbs कहते है।
Example :-
     Verb                    Phrasal Verb 
 Look (देखना)       Look for (तलाश करना)
 Go (जाना)             Go on (जारी रखना)

Important Phrasal Verbs :-

1. Act upon (के अनुसार कार्य करना)
Use – We should act upon the advice of our elders.

2. Bring up (पालन पोषण करना)
Use – Ravi brought up his brother.

3. Break into (सेंध लगाना)
Use – A thief broke into my house yesterday.

4. Break out  (फैल जाना)
Use – Plague broke out in my village last year.

5. Break down (कार्य न करना)
Use – The engine of the factory broke down yesterday.

6. Call off (समाप्त करना)
Use – The strike was called off yesterday.

7. Come across (अचानक मिलना)
Use – My friend came across me in the fair.

8. Carry out (पालन करना)
Use – A naughty student does not carry out the order of his teacher.

9. Get up (उठना)
Use – When do you get up in the morning?

10. Get through (पास होना)
Use – On account of working hard ,he got through the examination.

11. Get out (बाहर जाना)
Use – The teacher asked the student to get out of the class.

12. Get down (उतरना)
Use – The soldiers got down from his house.

13. Get rid of (छुटकारा पाना)
Use – I want to get rid of my enemy.

14. Give up (त्यागना या छोड़ना)
Use – He has given up his bad habits.

15. Give away (बांटना)
Use – The teacher gave away the prizes to the winners.

16. Go away (चले जाना)
Use – My brother went away from here to Delhi yesterday.

17. Go out (बुझना)
Use – All the lights went out after the storm .

18. Go through (सहना)
Use – He went through many hardship in his life.

19. Keep on (जारी रखा)
Use – The students kept on making a noise in the class.

20. Look after (देखभाल करना)
Use – We should look after our parents.

21. Look for (तलाश करना)
Use – What are you looking for?

22. Make up (कमी पूरा करना)
Use – I still need ten rupees to make up the loss.

23. Put on (पहनाना)
Use – Ravi put on his clothes.

24. Run after (पीछा करना)
Use – The dog ran after the cat.

26. Run over (कुचल देना)
Use – The old man was run over by the city bus.

27. Set out (निकल पड़ना)
Use – He set out for Kedarnath.

28. Stand by (साथ देना)
Use – His friend stood by him in his difficulties.

29. Put out (बुझाना)
Use – The fire was put out by him.

30. Turn down (ठुकरा देना)
Use – He has turned down the scheme.
There are two Phrasal Verbs for you and send your answer through comment 

1. Put off
2. Pass by

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