Synthesis of Sentences – Exercise of using Preposition before a Noun or Gerund

-: Exercise :-
Combine the following groups of Simple Sentence into one Simple Sentence by using a Preposition before a Noun or Gerund :

1. My brother is ill. He has high fever.
Combined – My brother is ill with high fever.
2. He saw the moon. He became glad.
Combined – On seeing the moon, he became glad .
3. He gave them food. He helped them liberally.
Combined – Besides giving them food, he helped them liberally.
4. I bought a watch. I paid Rs. 500 for this.
Combined – I bought a watch for Rs. 500.
5. You helped me. I would have been drowned.
 Combined – I had been drowned without your help.
6. He behaved rudely with me. I was quite displeased.
Combined – I was quite displeased at his rude behavior.
7. He has failed many times. He still hopes to succeed.
Combined – In spite of failing many times, he still hopes to succeed.
8. I bought a pen. I  got it for ten rupees.
Combined – I bought a pen for ten rupees.
9. He was a poor man. He was an independent spirit.
Combined – He was a man of an independent spirit.
10. The state of Andhara is divided into several districts. Each districts has its own headquarters.
Combined – The state of Andhara is divided into several districts with having their own headquarters.
11. He could not come. He was ill.
Combined – On account of illness, he could not come.
12. I reached the station. I  bought tickets.
Combined – On reaching the station, I bought tickets.
13. He fled. He had seen a bear coming.
Combined – On seeing a bear coming, he fled.
14. He was arrested .He heard the news. He went to the police station.
Combined – On hearing the news of his arresting, he went to the police station.
15. He returned safely. All were glad.
Combined – On his returning safe, all were glad.
16. He wrote a book. The book was on translation.
Combined – He wrote a book on translation.
17. Sohan sold his house. He sold it for fifty thousand rupees.
Combined – Sohan sold his house for fifty thousand rupees.
18. Her uncle died. She heard the news. She wept.
Combined – On hearing the news of her uncle’s death, she wept.
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19. She met an old man in the street. He had a book in his hand.
Combined –

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