English Grammar – Parts of Speech – Noun and kinds of Noun

Learn about Parts of Speech :- Noun | Kinds of Noun as Proper Noun, Common Noun, Collective Noun, Material Noun, Abstract Noun

Parts of Speech - Noun/Kinds of Noun

English Grammar :- Part of Speech | Noun | Kinds of Noun |Common Noun|Proper Noun| Collective Noun| Material Noun| Abstract Noun

Parts of Speech :- 

According to their function in a sentence all the words of English language are divided eight groups and these are called parts of speech.

Kinds of Part of Speech :-

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Adjective
  4. Verb
  5. Adverb
  6. Preposition
  7. Conjunction
  8. Interjection

Noun :-

Definition :- The Noun (Naming Word) : A noun is a word which is used as name of a person, thing, animal, idea, quality, emotion, place or anything else.

Kinds of Noun :- There are five kinds of noun -
(i) Proper Noun
(ii) Common Noun
(iii) Collective Noun
(iv) Material Noun
(v) Abstract Noun

Proper Noun :-
"A Proper Noun means the name of a particular person, place or thing."
Example :
Mahatma Gandhi, the Ramayan, Delhi, Sohan, Sun etc.

A proper noun has two distinctive features -
(i) It will name a special item.
(ii) It will begin with a capital letter no matter when it occurs in a sentence.

Common Noun :-

"A Common Noun means the name of the whole class of a person, animal or thing."

Examples :-
Man, tree, book, country, mountain, cow etc.

About Common Noun :-
(i) Common Noun does not refer to any particular thing, person or place.
(ii) Common Noun are spelled in small letters. They do not begin with a capital letter.

Collective Noun :-
"A Collective Noun is the name of the collection of the kinds of persons or things."

Example :-
Class, crowd, gang, council, family, group, audience etc.

Material Noun :-
"A Material Noun is the name of a thing which can be measured, weighted but can't be counted.

Example :-
Gold, Iron, silver, water etc.

Abstract Noun :-

"An Abstract Noun is the name of the thing which is meant only for feeling not for looking or touching."
" An abstract noun is the name of a quality, action or state."

Example :-
goodness, kindness, laughter, mercy, honesty, childhood etc.

Action - laughter, theft, judgement, movement etc
Quality - goodness, kindness, beauty, intelligence etc.
State - childhood, boyhood, death, poverty, sickness etc.

Modern Classification of the Noun :-

1. Proper Noun

2. Countable Noun

3. Uncountable Noun

Countable Nouns :-
"Nouns those can be counted are called Countable Nouns."

Example :-
Cow, Key, stars, pens, boys etc.

Uncountable Nouns :-
"Nouns those can't be counted are called Uncountable Nouns."

Example :-
Gold, love, kindness, sympathy etc.

Current Classification of the Noun :-

1. Concrete Noun
2. Abstract Noun

Concrete Noun :-
"The naming word that can be touched or felt is called the Concret Noun."

Example - Cow, kindness, water etc.

Gender :-  
Nouns have four genders -
(i) Masculine gender
(ii) Feminine gender
(iii) Neuter Gender
(iv) Common Gender

Masculine gender :- All male members of a species are classified as masculine gender.
e.g : man, peacock, bull, lion, king, uncle etc.

Feminine gender :- All female members of a species are classified as feminine gender.
e.g : woman, peahen, cow, hostess, lioness, mother etc.

Neuter gender :-
All non-living things are classified as neuter gender.
e.g : table, chair, clock, train etc.

Common gender :-
Common gender refers to humans, animals and plants that may be masculine or feminine but generally are referred to by their masculine gender.
e.g : teacher, doctor, dog, cat, tree, poet, lawyer, judge etc.

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