Synthesis of Sentences – Conjunction ‘And’

Synthesis of Sentences :

Synthesis of Sentences - Conjunction 'And'

-: Exercise :-

Combine the following sets of Simple Sentences into one Simple Sentence by using a Conjunction :

1.  I take milk. I take sweets. I take biscuits also.
Simple –
I take milk, sweets and biscuits.

2.  I went to market to purchase some sweets. I went there to buy some fruits also.
Simple –
I went to market to purchase some sweets and some fruits.

3.  Today Mahesh went to Delhi. Ramesh was also with him.
Simple –
Today Mahesh and Ramesh went to Delhi.

4.  Mukesh saw the Taj. He saw the Red Fort also.
Simple –
Mukesh saw the Taj and the Red Fort.

5. Why are you sad? Why are you nervous? Why are you careless?
Simple –
Why are you sad, nervous and careless?

-: One Question for You :-

Qu. Ram went to Kanpur. Mohan also went with Ram. 
Simple –

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