Transformation of Sentences – Exercise of how remove adverb ‘too’

: Exercise :-

Rewrite the following sentences removing the Adverb ‘too’ :
1. I am too busy to attend the marriage ceremony.
Ans. I am so busy that I can not attend the marriage ceremony.
2. The passage is too difficult for me to understand .
Ans. The passage is so difficult that I can not understand.
3. It is never too late to learn.
Ans. It is never so late that one can not learn.
It is never so late that it can not be learnt.
4. She is too eager for her result.
Ans. She is over eager for her result.
5. He is too proud of his knowledge.
Ans. He is extremely proud of his knowledge.
6. She is too young to travel alone.
Ans. She is so young that she can’t travel alone.
7. Mohan is too strong for me to be defeated.
Ans. Mohan is so strong that I can’t defeat him.
8. He is too good to be a successful businessman.
Ans. He is so good that he can’t be a successful businessman.
9. He was too tired to  work.
Ans. He was so tired that he could not work.
10. He speaks too fast to be understood.
Ans. He speaks so fast that it can not be understood.
He speaks so fast that he can not be understood.
11. The box is too heavy for me to left.
Ans. The box is so heavy that I can’t left it.
12. He is too old to work hard.
Ans. He is so old that he can not work hard.
13. He is too old to run the race.
Ans. He is so old that he can not run the race.
14. The tree is too high for me to climb.
Ans. The tree is so high that I can’t climb.
15. She is too proud to apologize.
Ans. She is so proud that she can not apologize.
She is so proud that she will not apologize .

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