UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2016 With Solution Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2016 With Solution Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2016 With Solution Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2016 With Solution Set 1

Section – B

9. (a) Change any one of the following into indirect form of speech :

(i) He said, “We are all sinners.”

Indirect – He said that we are all sinners. 

(ii) Rama said, “I had a meeting last night.”

Indirect – Rama said that he had a meeting the previous night.

(b) Combine one of the following sets of sentences as directed within the brackets:

(i) He has four children. He has to support them. (Simple Sentence) 

Simple – He has four children to support them. 

(ii) He is a true patriot. He will not betray his country. (Simple Sentence) 

Simple – Because of being a true patriot, he will not betray his country. 

(c) Transform one of the following sentences as directed within the brackets :

(i) Subject him to a severe examination. (Passive Voice) 

Passive – Let him be subjected to a severe examination. 

(ii) The sun rose and the fog disappeared. (Simple Sentence) 

Simple – The sun being risen, the fog disappeared. 

(d) Correct any four of the following sentences :

(i) This is one of the most interesting books that has ever been printed.

Correct – This is one of the most interesting books that have ever been printed.

(ii) Knowledge is even more preferable than riches.

Correct – Knowledge is even preferable to riches. 

(iii) I forbade you not to enter this room. 

Correct – I forbade you to enter this room. 

(iv) Two years passed since my father died. 

Correct – Two years have passed since my father died. 

(v) He is angry upon me. 

Correct – He is angry with me. 

(vi) He carefully investigated into the case. 

Correct – He carefully investigated the case. 

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10. (a) Use any three of the following idioms/phrases in your own sentences so as to bring out their meanings clearly :

(i) get the better of 

Answer – Sincerity gets the better of lip sympathy. 

(ii) All the way

Answer – Ravi climbed the mountain all the way. 

(iii) Bear out

Answer – The fact don’t bear this out. Her story bears out exactly what you said. 

(iv) Call on

Answer – My old friend called on my house last night. 

(v) Get over

Answer – I managed to get over the sand dunes and moved on towards the shoreline.

(b) Give the antonyms of the following words :

(i) Deserter

Antonyms –  companion

(ii) Mundane

Antonyms – ideal

(iii) Wisdom 

Answer – folly

(c) Give the synonyms of the following words :

(i) Vice

Synonyms – sin

(ii) toil 

Synonyms – labour 

(iii) Durable 

Synonyms – lasting 

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(d) Substitute one word for the following expressions :

(i) A medicine that kills germs. 

Answer – Pesticide 

(ii) Not liable to error or mistake. 

Answer – Infallible 

(iii) Piece of land surrounded by water. 

Answer – Peninsula

(e) Use the following words in sentences of your own so as to bring out the differences in their meanings clearly :

Vale, Veil

Answer – Vale – The vale of Kashmir looks very beautiful. 

Veil – The veil of the bride was lift by the husband.

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11. Translate the following into English :

प्रयत्न करना है तो फिर प्रार्थना क्यों ? प्रयत्न करना है, इसीलिए तो प्रार्थना चाहिए, मैं प्रयत्न करने वाला हूँ । पर फल मेरी मुट्ठी में थोड़े ही है । फल तो ईश्वर की इच्छा पर अवलम्बित है । मैं प्रयत्न करके भी कितना करूंगा ? मेरी शक्ति कितनी अल्प है ? ईश्वर की सहायता के बिना मैं अकेला क्या कर सकता हूँ ? मैं सत्य की ओर अपना कदम बढ़ाता रहूँ तो भी ईश्वर की कृपा के बिना मैं मंजिल पर नहीं पहुँच सकता । मैं रास्ता काटने का प्रयत्न तो करता हूँ, पर अन्त में मैं रास्ता काटुंगा कि बीच में मेरे पैर कट जाने वाले हैं, यह कौन कह सकता है । इसलिए अपने ही बलबूते मैं मंजिल पर पहुँच जाऊँगा, यह घमण्ड फिजूल है ।

Answer – Why pray if it is to try ? It is to try therefore prayer is needed. I am about to try but the result is not in my hand. The result depends on the wish of God. How much will I do with my attempt ? How short is my power ? What can only I do without the help of God ? I proceed towards the truth even then I cannot reach my target without grace of God. I try to cover the path but at last I will cover the path or I will lose my feet, who can say it ? So I shall get my aim by myself, this proud is false. 

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