UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2019 Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2019 Set 1


UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2019


UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2019 With Solution Set 1

Section – B

9. (a) Change any one of the following into indirect form of speech :

(i) He said, “Let’s stop here and rest for a while.”

Indirect – He suggested that they should stop there and rest for a while. 

(ii) Santosh said to Rajesh, “Please lend me your dictionary.”

Indirect – Santosh requested Rajesh to lend him his dictionary.

(b) Combine one of the following sets of sentences as directed within the brackets:

(i) She is very clever. Nobody can befool her.  (Simple Sentence) 

Simple – He is too clever to befool her. 

(ii) Do it well. Don’t do it at all. (Compound) 

Compound – Either do it well or don’t do it at all. 

(c) Transform one of the following sentences as directed within the brackets :

(i) Man’s evils live after them.  (Complex Sentence) 

Complex – Although man die yet their evils live. 

(ii) We eat so that we may live. (Simple Sentence) 

Simple – We eat to live. 

(d) Correct any four of the following sentences :

(i) He is most perfect gentleman. 

Correct – He is a perfect gentleman.

(ii) She came latter than I expected. 

Correct – She came later than I expected.

(iii) Ram’s brother’s car has been stolen. 

Correct – The car of Ram’s brother has been stolen.

(iv) When he awoke, he asked where I am. 

correct – When he awoke, he asked where he was. 

10. (a) Use any three of the following idioms/phrases in your own sentences so as to bring out their meanings clearly :

(i) cut and dried 

Use – Natural laws are cut and died.

(ii) break out

Use – Plague broke out in my city last year. 

(iii) to play fast and loose

Use – I can play fast and loose with him. 

(iv) by and large

use – The candidates will be considered by and large. 

(v) run short

Use  – Woollen clothes are running short in the market. 

(b) Give the antonyms of the following words :

(i) quiet

Antonyms – noisy

(ii) Merit

Antonyms – demerit 

(iii) foreign 

Antonyms – native

(c) Give the synonyms of the following words :

(i) incessant 

Synonyms – Continuously

(ii) Unlawful 

Synonyms – illegal 

(iii) Desolate 

Synonyms – Deserted

(d) Substitute one word for the following expressions :

(i) that which can not be seen through. 

Ans. Opaque 

(ii) incapable of being divide.

Ans. Indivisible 

(iii) of one mind or opinion. 

Ans. Unanimous 

(e) Use the following words in sentences of your own so as to bring out the differences in their meanings clearly :

(i) oar

Ans. The boat man was rowing boat with oar. 

(ii) Ore

Ans . India imported iron ore in a great quantity.

11. Translate the following into English :

यमुना नदी के किनारे स्थित आगरा एक पुराना नगर है । प्राचीन साहित्य में इसका उल्लेख मिलता है । यह सुन्दर ऐतिहासिक भवनों का नगर है । यहाँ मुगलकालीन अनेक इमारतें हैं । फतेहपुर सीकरी के भवन अकबर ने बनवाए थे । मोती मस्जिद और ताजमहल शाहजहाँ द्वारा बनवाए गए थे । आगरे का किला भी अकबर ने ही बनवाया था । कहा जाता है कि इस स्थान पर पहले कोई दूसरा किला था । यहाँ का ताजमहल संसार का एक बहुत बड़ा आश्चर्य है । आगरा अब एक औद्योगिक नगर है । विश्व के अनेक देशों से लाखों लोग ताजमहल देखने यहाँ आते हैं ।

Answer –  There is an old city Agra situated on the bank of the Yamuna. Its description is found in ancient literature. It is a city of beautiful historical buildings. There are many buildings of Mughal Age here. The buildings of Fatehpur Sikari were built by Akbar. Moti Masjid and the Taj Mahal were built by Shah Jehan. The Fort of Agra was also built by Akbar. It is said that there was another fort at this place. The Taj Mahal is a very great wonder of the world here. Agra is now an industrial city. Millions of people from different countries of the world come here to visit the Taj Mahal.

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