UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2017 With Solution Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2017 With Solution Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2017 With Solution Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2017 With Solution Set 1

Section – B

9. (a) Change any one of the following into indirect form of speech :

(i) The teacher said, “The sun sets in the west.”

Indirect – The teacher said that the sun sets in the west. 

(ii) My friend said to me, “Don’t bathe in the flooded river.”

Indirect – My friend advised me not to bathe in the flooded river.

(b) Combine one of the following sets of sentences as directed within the brackets:

(i) The sun set. The stars came up in the sky. (Simple Sentence) 

Simple – The sun having set, the stars came up in the sky.

(ii) I reached home. The sun had set before. (Complex Sentence) 

Complex – The sun had set before I reached home. 

(c) Transform one of the following sentences as directed within the brackets :

(i) Iron is one of the heaviest metal.  (Comparative Degree) 

Comparative – Iron is heavier than most other metals.

(ii) The music of Orpheus charms everybody. (Passive Voice) 

Passive Voice – Everybody is charmed by the music of Orpheus. 

(d) Correct any four of the following sentences :

(i) Columbus invented America. 

Correct – Columbus discovered America.

(ii) I am not on talking terms with him. 

Correct – I do not have talking terms with him. 

(iii) On seeing the snake he got too much afraid.

Correct – On seeing the snake, he got much afraid.

(iv) A ship swims on water. 

Correct – A ship floats on water. 

(v) I congratulate you for your success. 

Correct – I congratulate you on your success.

(vi) The climate of India is hotter than England. 

Correct – The climate of India is hotter than that of England.

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10. (a) Use any three of the following idioms/phrases in your own sentences so as to bring out their meanings clearly :

(i) to play fast and loose 

Answer – Don’t depend on him. He is in the habit of playing fast and loose. 

(ii) off and on

Answer – Work done off and on never pays. 

(iii) to and fro

Answer – Why are you running to and from? 

(iv) at large

Answer – The escaped prisoner is still at large. 

(v) by fits and starts 

Answer – He who reads by fits and starts will not get good marks in the examination. 

(vi) build castles in the air 

Answer – Don’t waste your time in building castles in the air. 

(b) Give the antonyms of the following words :

(i) Prosperity 

Antonyms – adversity 

(ii) Honour 

Antonyms – dishonour 

(c) Give the synonyms of the following words :

(i) Enthusiasm 

Synonyms – courage 

(ii) Fame

Synonyms – reputation 

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(d) Substitute one word for the following expressions :

(i) One who knows everything. 

Answer – Omniscient 

(ii) A lover of books. 

Answer – Bibliophile 

(iii) That is contrary to law 

Answer – Illegal 

(e) Use the following words in sentences of your own so as to bring out the differences in their meanings clearly :

Peal, Peel

Answer – Peal – He burst out in a peal of laughter.

Peel – She was peeling potatoes.

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11. Translate the following into English :

भारत राष्ट्र निर्माण का गौरवशाली इतिहास है । भारत के लोगों ने ही अपने श्रम से राष्ट्र को विश्व – प्रतिष्ठ किया है । दर्शन और संस्कृति के लिए वैदिक ऋषि, कपिल, बुद्ध, महावीर और शंकराचार्य जैसे पूर्वज उल्लेखनीय हैं । गणित के क्षेत्र में ‘ शून्य ‘ की खोज , चिकित्सा के क्षेत्र में ‘ चरक संहिता ‘, व्याकरण के क्षेत्र में ‘ अष्टाध्यायी ‘ ने विश्व को पहले ही बहुत कुछ देकर भारतीय ज्ञान की श्रेष्ठता साबित कर दी है । प्राचीन राष्ट्रीय एकता के लिए चन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य, अशोक, समुद्रगुप्त व हर्ष की राज्य व्यवस्थाएँ हैं ।

Answer – History of Nation – formation in India has been glorious. Indians have made the world famous nation with their labour. The forefathers like Vedic saints, Kapil, Buddha, Mahavir and Shankaracharya are remarkable for philosophy and culture. With the discovery of ‘ zero ‘ in the field of mathematics, Charak – Samhita ‘ in medical and ” Ashtadhyahi ‘ in the field of grammar, India has already given a lot to the world and proved the superiority of Indian knowledge. The ruling arrangements of Chandragupta Maurya , Ashok , Samudragupta and Harsha are for ancient National Integration.

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