Parts of Speech – Adjective

Parts of speech - Adjective and Kinds of Adjective

Adjective and Kinds of Adjective

Adjective :-

A qualifying word of a Noun or a Pronoun = Adjective

Example :- Sita is a clever girl. I don't like a naughty boy. They killed his white dog. We are playing in our green field. 


Kinds of the Adjective :-

  1. Adjective of Quality
  2. Adjective of Quantity
  3. Adjective of Number
  4. Demonstrative Adjective
  5. Possesssive Adjective
  6. Distributive Adjective
  7. Interrogative Adjective
  8. Proper Adjective
  9. Emphasizing Adjective
  10. Exclamatory Adjective


Adjective of Quality :-

Adjective showing quality of a person or thing = Adjective Quality

Example :- Kolkatta is a large city. He is an honest man. She is a beautiful girl. Ram is a good boy.


Adjective of Quantity :-

Adjective showing quantity of a thing = Adjective of Quantity

Example :-  I ate some rice. He showed much patience. We have had enough exercise. You have no sense.


Adjective of Number :-

Adjective showing the onder of a person ot thing = Adjective of Number

Example :- We have two hands. He is the second boy in the class. Some boys are playing. There aren't many girls in the class.

There are two types of Adjective of Number -

1. Definite : one, two, three, first, second etc

2. Indefinite : all, some, several, half, a few etc.

Note - One, two, three etc are called Cardinals. First, second, third etc are called Ordinals.



Demonstrative Adjective :-

Adjective indicating about the person or thing = Demonstrative Adjective

Example :- This boy is stranger than Hari. That boy is industrious. These mangoes are sour. Those oranges are sweet. I hate such things.


Possessive Adjective :-

Adjective showing possession or relation = Possessive Adjective

Example :-  This is my pen. These are our books. That is your radio. It is his car.


Distributive Adjective :-

Adjective showing distribution of the person or thing = Distributive Adjective

Example :-  Each boy got ten rupees. Every man has own duty. Either reply will do. Neither team won.


Interrogative Adjective :-

Adjective used to ask question = Interrogative of Adjective

Example :-  What manner of man is he? Which book do you want? Whose pen is this?


Proper Adjective :-

Adjective showing about person = Proper Adjective

Example :- I am an Indian. He is an American. She is a European.


Emphasizing Adjective :-

Adjective showing stress on subject = Emphasizing Adjective

Example :-  I watched the movie with my own eyes. This is the same book I lost.


Exclamatory Adjective :-

Adjective showing wonder = Exclamatory Adjective

Example :- What an idea! What a boy! 


Parts of speech - Adjective and Kinds of Adjective

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