An Astrologer’s Day important Question Answer for Board Exam

An Astrologer’s Day important Question Answer for Board Exam

An Astrologer's Day important Question Answer for Board Exam

Short Answer type questions of the lesson “An Astrologer’s Day” :

Answer the following questions not more than 30 words each :

Qu. 1 Who was the astrologer? Why did he leave his house?

Ans. The astrologer was the son of a farmer. He left his house because he thought that he had murdered a man. So he left his home without telling anybody.

Qu. 2 What advice did the astrologer give the stranger?

Ans. The astrologer told the stranger that his enemy had died long before and advised him not to leave his home in search of him.

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Qu. 3 Why did the astrologer advised the stranger never to travel southward?

Ans. The astrologer advised the stranger never to travel southward because he lived in this direction himself and he was his enemy.

Qu. 4 How did the astrologer please and astonish his customers?

Ans. The astrologer pleased and astonished his customers by his statements which were the result of his study, practice and shrewd guesswork.

Qu. 5 How much money did the astrologer charge per question?

Ans. The astrologer charged only three pies per question.

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Qu. 6 What was the name of the stranger?

Ans. The name of the stranger was Guru Nayak.

Qu. 7 What did the woman propose to buy the next day?

Ans. The woman proposed to buy some jaggery and coconut the next day.

Qu. 8 How much night had passed when the astrologer reached home?

Ans. When the astrologer reached home, half of the night had passed.

Qu. 9 How many annas did the astrologer give to his wife?

Ans. The astrologer gave twelve and a half annas to his wife.

Qu. 10 What was the load on the astrologer?

Ans. The astrologer had a load of wrong notion that he had killed a man.

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Question. What was the stranger smoking?
Ans –

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