I am John’s Heart

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English Prose - I am John's Heart

-: Short Answer Type Questions :-

Answer the following questions in not more than 30 words :

Qu. 1 How does the heart describe itself?

Ans. The heart describes itself thus, ” I am not beautiful, I have an unimpressive shape. I am red-brown in colour. My weight is 340 gm.”

Qu. 2  What kind of machine is the heart?

Ans.  The heart is like a pumping machine.

Qu. 3  What is the function of the heart?

Ans. The function of heart is to pump blood to all orgabs of the body.

Qu. 4  How much blood does the heart pump each day?

Ans.  The heart pumps about 18000 liters blood each day.

Qu. 5  What are two false notions about the heart?

Ans.  The two false notions about the heart are : (i) It is romantic the home of feelings.  (ii) It is a fragile and delicate.


Qu. 6  Why does that heart not want John to be a heart neurotic?

Ans.  On being a heart neurotic John would be unneccessarily worried. It will harm John and his heart both. Therefore John’s heart does not want that John should become a heart neurotic.

Qu. 7  What can a man do to avoid a heart attack?

Ans.  To avoid a heart attack, a man should slim down a little, take regular exercise, relax a little more, cut down on facts and smoking and remain peaceful.

Qu. 8  Who is more likely to have higher blood pressure – a fat or lean person?

Ans. A fat person is more likely to have a higher blood pressure than a lean person. Its reason is that the heart of a fat person has to work harder in pushing the blood through the extra flesh of the fat person.


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Qu. 9  How is smoking injurious to health? 

Ans.  Smoking puts a big amount of nicotine in man. It is a violent stuff. It shrinks the arteries. Pushing blood through the shrunk arteries naturally increases blood pressure. Thus smoking is very harmful.

Qu. 10  What particular food should the heart patient avoid?

Ans.  A heart patient should avoid fatty food.

Qu. 11  What is the normal blood pressure for a middle aged man?

Ans.  The normal blood pressure for a middle aged man is 140/90.

Qu. 12  How does the heart describes itself?

Ans.  The heart describes itself in the person. It says that it is not a beautiful part of the body. Its weight is 340 grams. It is 15 cm. long and about 10 cm. broad. Its colour is red-brown.

Qu. 13  For how much time and when does the heart rest?

Ans.  The heart has a rest period of half a second. It rests after the left ventrical contracted and pushed blood into the body.

Qu. 14  What kind of machine is the heart?

Ans.  Heart is a kind of pumping machine. It has two pumps to push the blood into the lungs and the body.

Qu. 15  In what way does the heart differ from the other muscles of the body?

Ans. The heart differs from the other muscles of the body in its strength. The heart is the strongest muscle in the human body except the uterus in a woman’s body.


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