The True Beauty – Central Idea and Explanation with Referene, Context

The True Beauty’ is very important poem for Board Exam.

English Poetry - The True Beauty

-: Central Idea of the Poem ‘ The True Beauty’ :-

In this poem the poet praises spiritual beauty – thevbeauty of mind and soul and hates physical beauty without virtues. The physical beauty – rosy cheeks, coral lips, star – like eyes decreases as the time passes. As a result the lover feelings for his beloved cool down. On the other hand love based on gentleness and purity of mind is everlasting. It goes on inspiring the lover with greater eagerness and power.


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 -: Explanations :-

1. He that loves a rosy cheek

          Or a coral lip admires,

Or from star – like eyes doth seek

          Fuel to maintain his fires;

As old time makes these decays,

          So his flames must waste away.

Reference :-  This stanza has been taken from the poem ‘ The True Beauty ‘ composed by Thomas Carew.

Context :-  In these lines the poet tells us that the physical beauty fades with the passage of time.

Explanation :-  The poet says the the love based on physical beauty is short – lived. A man is attracted by the physical charms of his beloved. He loves her for rosy cheeks and praises her because her lips are as red as the gem called coral. He keeps the fire of his love alive by her eyes which are as bright as the stars in the sky. Thus his love depends on the physical charms of the beloved. As time passes, his beloved becomes old. The physical beauty fades away. With change in her physical atrraction, his love also comes to an end.



2. But a smooth and steadfast mind,

              Gentle thoughts, and calm desires,

    Hearts with equal love combined,

                Kindle never-dying fires,

      Where these are not, I despise

                Lovely cheeks or lips or eyes.

     Context :- In these lines lines the poet tells us about  spiritual beauty – the beauty of mind and soul.

Explanation :-  The poet says that the beauty of mind and soul is real beauty. A woman who has constant and firm mind possesses the true beauty. Spiritual beauty is always liked. Gentle thinking, peaceful desires and heart with equal love combined are necessary qualities of true love. Such a true love never dies. When these qualities are missing, the poet does not like lovely cheeks, coral lips or star like eyes. He hates physical beauty without virtues.


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