Secret Of Health, Success And Power

Important Questions Answers – Secret Of Health, Success And Power

Here you will get all imoprtant questions answers – Secret of Health, Success and Power

English Prose - Secret of Health, Success and Power


A. Short answer types questions :-

Qu. 1  What is the secret of securing good health?

Ans.  Strong, pure and positive thoughts are the secret of securing good health.

Qu. 2  What should we do to be free from all physical aches and pains?

Ans.  To be free from all physical aches and pains we should put our mind in order.

Qu. 3  What is necessary to get success?

Ans.  Concentration is necessary to get success.

Qu. 4  What type of people attract disease and who shun it?

Ans.  Those whose minds and bodies are receptive to disease, attract it. Those with strong, pure and positive thought-sphere shun it.

Qu. 5  What do many people complain?

Ans.  Many people complain that they have broken their health due to excessive work.

Qu. 6  What kind of man is unstable?

Ans.  The double – minded man is unstable .

Qu. 7  Where is health found?

Ans. Health is found in strong and true faith and purity.


Qu. 8  Why are anger, worry, jealousy and greed harmful to us?

Ans.  Anger, worry, jealousy and greed are harmful to us because all these things are the cause of diseases.

Qu. 9  What is the cause of breakdown?

Ans.  The cause of breakdown is that we become anxious or excited or worry over needless work.

Qu. 10  What must we do to secure good health?

Ans.  We must learn to work without worry to secure good health.


B. Long answer types questions of the lesson – Secret of Health, Success and Power

Qu. 1  What is the secret of health, according to James Allen?

Ans.  According to James Allen, generally speaking, the secret of health is faith and purity. The secret of health in particular is the harmonious mind.

Sickness is the result of our own error. Angry, worry, jealousy, greed and such other feelings sow the seeds of disease in our mind. In order to be healthy, we should keep our mind free from these feelings. Jealousies, suspicions, worries, hatreds and selfishness causes disease of stomach, nerve and pain of joins. On the other hand, if we have joyful and loving thoughts and good will, we shall need no medicine.

Work or even overwork does not destroy one’s health. Bad health is often the result of foolishly wasted energy. Work, mental or physical is always health giving. What is needed is to work without being anxious or excited or worried over needless detail. The secret of health is thus a pure heart and a well- ordered mind.


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Qu. 2  What is the author’s advice to get rid of breakdown through overwork?

Ans.  We do find that overwork and breakdown are closely related. But in most of the cases breakdown is not the result of overwork. It is the result of our foolish method of work. We, in fact, waste more of energy than what we put to use. The author advises us not to waste our energy while doing a work. He advises us not to get anxious or excited or to worry over needless details. Thus, we can save much of energy, and avoid breakdown. Let the work be of mind or body, we should do it with firmness and regularity. We should care only for our aim. 

It is how the author advises us to get rid of breakdown through overwork.

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