Passive Voice of Assertive Sentences

Passive Voice of Assertive Sentences

Passive Voice of Assertive Sentences

Exercise :-

Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice:

1. The children sang the National Anthem.

Passive – The National Anthem was sung by the children.

2. He may send his servant, if he does not come.

Passive – If he does not come, his servant may be sent by him.

3. He stole my pen.

Passive – My pen was stolen by him.

4. He kills a bird.

Passive – A bird is killed by him.

5. The woodcutter has cut down these trees.

Passive – These trees have been cut down by the woodcutter.

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6. He gave me a rupee.

Passive – A rupee was given by him.

7. She can break it.

Passive – It can be broken by her.

8. I have taken food.

Passive – Food has been taken by me.

9. He writes a letter.

Passive – A letter is written by him.

10. The carpenter did not make this chair.

Passive – This chair was not made by the carpenter.

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11. We could not finish it.

Passive – It could not be finished.

12. Someone left the pen in a classroom yesterday.

Passive – The pen was left in a classroom yesterday.

13. We must look into this matter.

Passive – This matter must be looked into by us.

14. The flood hit the villagers hard.

Passive – The villagers were hit hard by the flood.

15. Your behaviour has greatly surprised me.

Passive – I was greatly surprised at your behavior.

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16. It is time to close the shop.

Passive – It is time for the shop to be closed.

17. He teaches us English.

Passive – We are taught English by him.

18. The students are doing a lot of work.

Passive – A lot of work is being done by the students.

19. They are doing their work.

Passive – Their work is being done by them.

20. The police had caught the thief.

Passive – The thief had been caught by the police.

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21. I found the boys laughing at me.
Passive – The boys were found laughing at me by me.

22. The book has greatly interested me.

Passive – I have been greatly interested in the book.

23. They found him guilty of murder.

Passive – He was found guilty of the murder by them.

24. We will not admit children under sixteen.

Passive – Children under sixteen will not be admitted by us.

25. I can’t write a letter now.

Passive – A letter can not be written by me now.

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26. Mr Khan taught me to read Persian.

Passive – I was taught to read Persian by Mr. Khan.

27. All his friends laughed at him.

Passive – He was laughed at by all his friends.

28. The sincerity you have shown in your studies has pleased me.

Passive – I have been pleased with the sincerity you have shown in your studies.

29. Great men accomplish great things.

Passive – Great things are accomplished by great men.

30. We planted two thousand trees in our college last year.

Passive – Two thousands trees were planted by us in our college last year.

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