Science a blessing or curse essay in english

Science a blessing or curse essay in english

Science a blessing or curse essay in english

Science : A Blessing or Curse Essay in English

Introduction 2. Science as a Blessing or Good Servant 3. Wonders of Science – (a) Transport and Communication (b) Agriculture and Industry (c) Medical Science (d) Recreation 4. Science as a Curse or Bad Master 5. Conclusion

Introduction – It is difficult to imagine to live today without using the inventions and discoveries of science. Science has become the part of human life. Today man hasreached the moon because of the progress of science. More and more new things are still in the store of science to be found.

Science as a Blessing or Good Servant – Seeing the good discoveries and inventions of science, it can be easily said that science is a blessing. Science has made our life happy, comfortable and progressive. Science may prove a good and faithful servant if we use it wisely and carefully.

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Wonders of Science – There are numberless wonders of science which have made human life very happy and useful. Electricity is the greatest wonder of science. It is very useful in our daily domestic life as well as in mills, factories and many industries. Science has killed distance. Human life has become safer and longer. It is now free from fatal diseases.

(a) Transport and Communication – The greatest contribution of the progress of science can be seen in the field of transport and communication. Science has shortened distance and saved our time in making long journey. On the land, we travel by cars, buses, trains etc.

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Trucks and goods trains carry heavy luggage from one place to other. Today we can fly in an aeroplane like a bird. The sea journey is possible by ships. We have also developed rockets and space crafts to explore the space. In the field of communication – telephone, telegraph, television, radio and wireless are the modern wonderful inventions of science.

(b) Medical Science – The revolutionary progress in the field of medical science has made human life safer, happier and longer. There are new medicines, effective injections and delicate operations to save the life of patients from fearful and fatal diseases.

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(c) Agriculture and Industry – In agriculture, science has helped us in the mechanised farming. There are tractors and other implements that can plough fields, sow seeds and reap the harvest. Science has developed industry. Many useful and difficult tasks are done by machines.

(d) Recreation – Radio, cinema and television which are the main means of modern recreation are the wonderful inventions of science. A radio gives us music, news and other programmes. Cinema gives us pleasure and recreation. A television can show us the face of a singer, news-reader or player.

Science as a Curse or Bad Master – Science is a serious curse when it causes much destruction of human beings and our property in war. Now wars have become more fearful and highly destructive with the discovery of poisonous gases, deadly bombs and destructive tanks etc. The invention of atomic bombs has put human life fully in the mouth of death. In this way, science has proved a curse or a bad master because our life is in the hands of those scientists who invent weapons of war and destruction. It is the most serious problem of the present time. The most adverse effect of scientific achievement is the environmental pollution which is increasing day by day.

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Conclusion – It is a fact that science is a good servant but is a curse or a bad master also. Its blessings are very useful to us but its use in war is very harmful and destructive. Really science must be used for human happiness and world peace. It is the need of the present time.

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