Synthesis of Sentences – Exercise of Participle

Synthesis of Sentences – Use of Participle 
-: Exercise :-

Combine each sets of the Simple Sentences into one Simple Sentence by using a Participle :

1. The tiger was hungry. He killed a goat.

Combined – Being hungry, the tiger killed a goat.
2. He has failed. He heard the news. He fainted. 
Combined – Hearing the news of his failure, he fainted. 
3. The people saw the flames. They ran towards the burning house. 
Combined – Seeing the flames, the people ran towards the burning house. 
4. He finished his work. He went home. 
Combined – Having finished his work, he went home. 
5. I was hungry. I took my food. 
Combined – Being hungry, I took my food. 

6. I saw a man. He was blind. He was carrying a lamp in his  hand.
Combined – I saw a blind man carrying a lamp in his hand. 
7. Mahesh Bhupati was defeated by Leander Paes. He was much disappointed. 
Combined – Having  been defeated by Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupati was much disappointed. 
8. I saw a man. He was smoking a cigarette. 
Combined – I saw a man smoking a cigarette. 
9. She went to garden. She plucked flowers. 
Combined – Having gone to garden, she plucked flowers. 
Going to garden, she plucked flowers. 
10. I saw a ball. I picked it up. 
Combined – Seeing a ball, I picked it up. 

11. The servant swept the room.  He went away.
Combined – Having swept the room, the servant went away. 
12. He came to me. He gave me this letter. 
Combined – Coming to me, he gave me this letter. 
13. The poor man worked. He laughed. He thus spent his life. 
Combined – Working and laughing, the poor man spent his life. 
14. I was walking in the field. I saw a snake. I ran away. 
Combined – Walking in the field and seeing a snake, I ran away. 
Seeing a snake during the walk in the field, I ran away. 
15. The child lost his pen. He began to weep. 
Combined – Losing his pen, the child began to weep. 

16. He was disguised as a saint. He escaped to Nepal.
Combined – Having been disguised as a saint, he escaped to Nepal. 
17. Turn to the right. You will then find the house. 
Combined – Turning to the right, you will find the house. 
18. The magician took pity on the mouse. He turned it into a cat. 
Combined – Taking pity on the mouse, the magician turned it into a cat. 
19. She was tired of reading. She lay down in bed .
Combined – Being tired of reading, she lay down in bed. 
20. He jumped up. He ran away. 
Combined – Jumping up, he ran away. 

21. Brijesh lost his book. He searched for it.
Combined – Losing his book, Brijesh searched for it. 
Brijesh searched for his lost book. 
22. He raised his gun. He took aim. He shot the tiger. 
Combined – Raising his gun and taking aim, he shot the  tiger. 
23. He drew his sword. He attacked his enemy. 
Combined – Drawing his sword, he attacked his enemy. 
24. Sheela witnessed the show. She witnessed three dolls. The dolls were talking in a strange language. 
Combined – Sheela witnessed the show of three dolls talking in a strange language. 
25. A funny fox saw some grapes. They were hanging from a vine. 
Combined – A funny fox saw some grapes hanging from a vine. 
26. He could not eat hard food.  He was very old. He had lost his teeth. 
Combined – Being very old and having lost his teeth, he could not eat hard food. 
27. I have told you the facts. I have nothing more to say. I will sit down. 
 Combined – Having told you the fact and having nothing more to say, I will sit down. 
28. I was returning home. I saw a man.  He looked very ill.  He was lying by the roadside .

Combined – Returning home, I saw a man looking very ill and lying by the roadside. 

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