UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2012 with Answer Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2012 with Answer Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2012 with Answer Set 1

UP Board Class 12 English Paper 2012 with Answer Set 1

Section – B

9. (a) Change any one of the following into indirect form of speech :

(i) The wolf said to the lamb, “Why are you making the water dirty?”

Indirect – The wolf asked the lamb why he was making the water dirty. 

(ii) The wolf said, “You have become very talkative. Be silent otherwise I will eat you.”

Indirect – The wolf said that he had become very talkative and advised him to be silent otherwise he would eat him. 

(b) Combine one of the following sets of sentences as directed within the brackets :

(i) It is not known. When he will arrive. (Simple Sentence) 

Simple – His arrival is not known. 

(ii) He worked hard. He wanted to pass.  (Complex Sentence)

Complex – He worked hard so that he might pass. 

(c) Transform one of the following sentences as directed within the brackets :

(i) He is too miserly to spend any money. (Negative Sentence) 

Negative – He is so miserly that he can not spend any money. 

(ii) He may send his servant, if he does not come.  (Passive Voice) 

Passive Voice – His servant may be sent by him, if he does not come. 

(d) Correct any four of the following sentences :

(i) I have come at Varanasi a moth ago. 

Correct – I came at Varanasi a month ago. 

(ii) He prevented me to do it. 

Correct – He prevented me from doing it. 

(iii) Gopal is ill for four days. 

Correct – Gopal has been ill for four days. 

(iv) The rise and fall of tide are due to the moon. 

Correct – The rise and fall of tide is due to the moon. 

(v) The news of the war are good today. 

Correct – The news of the war is good today. 

(vi) One should not boast of his wealth. 

Correct – One should not boast of one’s wealth. 

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10. (a) Use any three of the following idioms/phrases in your own sentences so as to bring out their meanings clearly :

(i) castles in the air

Ans. Castles in the air (हवाई किले बनाना) – Do not waste your time in building castles in the air. 

(ii) at home in

Ans. At home in (दक्ष) – Ravi is at home in English.

(iii) at the eleventh hour 

Ans. At the eleventh hour (अंतिम समय पर) – If you begins your studies at the eleventh hour, you cannot be sure to pass. 

(iv) hue and cry 

Ans. Hue and cry (शोरगुल) – Don’t make hue and cry in the classroom.

(v) to and fro

Ans. to and fro (इधर उधर) – I was going to and fro in the search of Ravi. 

(b) Give the synonyms of the following words :

(i) humble  

Synonyms – polite

(ii) mad 

Synonyms – Insane

(iii) jealous 

Synonyms – hateful, jaundiced

(c) Give the antonyms of the following words :

(i) disclose

Antonyms – close, hide 

(ii) acknowledge  

Antonyms – deny, refuse  

(iii) cheerful 

Antonyms – cheerless

(d) Substitute one word for the following expressions :

(i) One who looks at the dark side of things. 

Ans. Pessimist 

(ii) A person who can neither read nor write. 

Ans. Illiterate 

(iii) That is difficult to believe. 

Ans. Incredible 

(e) Use the following words in sentences of your own so as to bring out the differences in their meanings clearly :

temporary, temporal

Ans. Temporary  (अस्थायी) – My appointment for this post is temporary. 

Temporal  (लौकिक) – I have never seen such a temporal sight in my life. 

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Translate the following into English :

जुलाई का महीना था । अत्यधिक गर्मी और घुटन थी । मैं स्कूल के लिए चल पड़ा । अचानक आकाश में बादल छा गये । शीतल हवा बहने लगी । सूरज घने बादलों में छिप गया । बादल गरजे , और बिजली चमकने लगी । झमाझम पानी बरसने लगा । सड़कों पर पानी ही पानी दिखाई पड़ने लगा । छोटे बच्चे बरसात का आनन्द ले रहे थे । एक घण्टे बाद बारिश रुकी । मैं पूरी तरह भीग गया था । जब मैं स्कूल पहुँचा तो पता चला कि प्रधानाचार्य महोदय ने वर्षा – दिवस की घोषणा कर दी थी ।

Ans. It was the month of July. It was unbearable heat and suffocation. I set out for school. Suddenly the sky was covered with clouds. Sweet breeze begun to blow. The sun hid in the dense clouds. Clouds roared and it began to thunder. It began to rain drizzly. There was nothing but water on the roads Little children were enjoying the rain. The rain stopped after a minute. I was totally got wet. When I reached school it was heard that the Head Master had declared it as rainy day.

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