Women’s Education – Important Fill in the blank questions

Women’s Education – Important Fill in the blank questions

The Heritage of India - Important Fill in the blank questions

Fill in the following sentences, with the most suitable word given within the brackets :

(a) Society requires women of disciplined minds and …….. manners.

(i) controlled (ii) restrained
(iii) good (iv) disciplined

(b) Actually in our country education …….. girl’s education is concerned, is not widespread enough.

(i) so far as (ii) as far as
(iii) so long as (iv) as long as

(c) But I am anxious that the kind of education that is imparted must not only be broad but should also be …….. .

(i) meaningful (ii) useful
(iii) purposeful (iv) deep

(d) After Independence, through the exertion of …….. a revolution has been effected in our country, and women are coming into their own.

(i) Vinoba Bhave (ii) Mahatma Gandhi
(iii) Mother Teresa (iv) Jawahar Lal Nehru

(e) When you talk about education, you have several aims …….. .

(i) openly (ii) in view
(iii) internally (iv) out of tune

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(f) For some …….. we neglected our women folk.

(i) years (ii) weeks
(iii) decades (iv) centuries

(g) If you do not have …….. you are not human.

(i) power (ii) compassion
(iii) glory (iv) money

(h) You are living in an age when there are great…….. for women in social work.

(i) profits (ii) problems
(iii) opportunities (iv) dangers

(i) ……… is the quality which is more characteristic of women than men.

(i) Emotion (ii) Compassion
(iii) Passion (iv) Impassioned

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(j) We have heard that the chief …….. of education is not merely the acquiring of skill or information but the initiation into a higher life.

(i) aim (ii) goal
(iii) purpose (iv) principle

(k) When you talk about education, you have …….. aim in view.

(i) several (ii) plenty of
(iii) so many (iv) a number of

-: One Question for You :-

(L) The natural quality of women is ………

(i) selfishness (ii) charm
(iii) indifference (iv) compassion

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